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Hello I'm Caroline

Hi, I'm Caroline. When my kids were small and the economy crashed (hellooo 2008) I quit my job to save money on childcare and started designing content for a nationally distributed magazine. That work garnered the attention of PBS who hired me to create content for their website and develop a digital series for their Digital Studios channel. 


From there my client list grew to include brands like The National Geographic Channel, National Public Radio's Science Friday, Disney's Babble, GoodCook®, Macy's, Home Depot, Lowe's, Bee's Wrap®, Chippin®, and, among others. 

I'm an all-around creative type (Children's book series in the works, craft designer and more) but my left brain also has a big say in what I do too. Some call this the secret-sauce for success (artist with a business sense) but I like to think my survival skills just kicked in and I learned what I needed to know. 

Currently, I'm working as a senior account manager for a full service Digital agency, and in my free time I'm working to publish a Children's book. 

Thanks for stopping by my website! It's nice to meet you in the ethers of the digital world. 

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